Bay Area Racial Equity Fund

BIPOC-led organizations consistently face higher interest rates, more variable financing structures, lower appraised values, longer lending timelines, more opaque processes, smaller dollar amounts and higher risk ratings than their white-led counterparts. Centuries of racial discrimination in America have created an unfair and inaccurate race-based perception of risk within lending institutions that prevents BIPOC borrowers from […]

Arts and Culture Initiatives at Community Vision

Community Vision is dedicated to community ownership of community assets that are critical to help build justice, power and wealth within BIPOC communities.  Among those assets are long-term and permanent homes for community-rooted arts and culture organizations. These organizations play an important role and are often the anchors of the community: Art is a powerful […]

Visionary Home Builders

Not Just Housing: Creating Opportunities for Central Valley Neighborhoods to Thrive As Community Vision partners with communities to create flourishing neighborhoods and build economic power, one of the most important needs to address is housing. Access to quality and affordable living spaces is a key pillar for healthier and safer neighborhoods, and opening the door […]